'  |   Next Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration will be held in July 2018 in the honour of Lithuanian Independence 100th anniversary.

Thousands of participants and spectators of the anniversary Song and Dance Celebration – 2014 chanted “Here is my home”. The celebration presented rich programmes of Lithuanian songs, dances, ensembles, wind orchestras, kanklės music, invited the inhabitants and guests of the capital to acknowledge folk craftsmen’s art, masterpieces of ancient national cultural traditions. Along with traditional events the 90th anniversary Song and Dance celebration had also brought some innovations: the special performances on Theatre Day dedicated to celebrate the Year of Theatre and the 300th birth anniversary of Kristijonas Donelaitis, the Children crafts town settled at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, the theatrical presentation of the historical costumes of the Baltic tribes. The solemn mentioning of the 90th anniversary of the Song and Dance Celebration was held on the 28th of June, in Kaunas, the Songs’ Valley. For the first time the 6th of July was announced the National Costume Day. Over 20 thousand of the Song and Dance Celebration’s participants had dressed in national costumes or at least some accessory. The common number of Lithuanian and foreign participants coming from 13 states had reached 37 thousand. Over 50 thousand spectators visited the Song and Dance Celebration events. The next Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Lithuanian State will be held in 2018.